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Thread: Iwata unimpressed by iPad, 3D gaming

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    Iwata unimpressed by iPad, 3D gaming

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has registered his apparent disinterest in two recent technological innovations. First, Iwata dismissed Apple's iPad, a potential DSi XL competitor. "It's just a bigger iPod Touch," he said of the big iPod Touch unveiled this week.

    As for 3D gaming, which was all the rage at CES, "I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home," Iwata told the Associated Press, "How is that going to look to other people?'' Can you imagine standing on a board and flapping your arms like a giant bird -- with glasses on? Humiliating.

    Iwata offered few hints as to what new technology would be adopted by Nintendo, saying only that there was some form of new hardware in the works. Additionally, he seemingly denied previous "speculation" about the reported features of a new Nintendo handheld. "I question whether those features would be enough to get people to buy new machines," Iwata said, referring to the possible addition of a motion sensor to a new handheld.
    Source: Joystiq

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    Yeah he should have tried this one!!!

    YouTube - iPad

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    that video is awsome...


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