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Thread: Using GC controller

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    Using GC controller

    Bit of back ground.
    Wii 4.1E,
    Wode 1.24
    Running all games from ISO's on HDD.
    NSMB also working fine.

    My problem is operating a GC controller. (Never used one before)
    I puchased a wireless version 4.99 inc. postage, marvellous, thanks RNB.
    I have managed to configure the Wode to boot into the GC menu on screen,
    and I can select all options with the controller.

    Sorry about the long winded intro, heres the nub, when I have finished a game, I cannot find a way of selecting another, without pressing eject on the Wii. Defeats the object of having a remote device if I have to stagger over to the Wii to operate it.

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    Got this solution from Zephyr on the Wode site.

    I never have to get up off the couch - unless I start a GC game

    1. WODE is set to AutoLoad the GC Menu
    2. AutoBoot is ON
    3. Region Patch is ON
    4. Updates are: OFF

    I use WiiMote to start the GC Menu
    I use the GC Controller to start the Game
    Game autostarts if it is an inregion Wii Game and I then use the WiiMote to play
    When I am finsihed instead of pressing home and Wii Menu I use the WiiMote to turn off the Wii. I then turn the Wii back on with the WiiMote and the GC Menu auto loads to Disc channel and reeat process

    With out of region games the game still loads into WODE and then I start teh HBC and then Gecko

    If you do not want games to AutoBoot then turn off AutoBoot and start the games manually from the Disc menu with the WiiMote.

    But yeah - I am lazy and I have no issue turning the Wii off and on to swap games


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