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    Homebrew emulators

    Hello everyone,
    In the near future I am planning on buying a Nintendo Wii, but I have a choice to make between Wiikey'ed one (v.2) and a softmodded one. I'm leaning towards a chipped one, but I have one more question before I make my final decision.
    Can you burn emulators with games on dvd's and play them? I don't want to mess around with the installation of the homebrew channel, and I'm wondering if it's possible, like on PS2 where you could burn Snes9x along with a few games on a dvd and play them. Specifically I'm interested if it's possible with the wii equivalents of snes9x and visual boy advance.


    PS: I apologise for my English, it's not my primary language.

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    I suppose you could boot emulators by using bannerbomb but it'd be a real pain to have to do that every time. Installing the homebrew channel is nothing to worry about and it can be done easily on a chipped or on a non chipped Wii. The whole process of installing the channel would take about 5 minutes. Not sure if roms can be loaded onto DVD though but they will work on an attached USB HDD.
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    Thanks for the answer, I guess that having both chipped and softmodded Wii wouldn't hurt me one bit


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