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Thread: Semi-bricking: why it happens, and what to do about it

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    Semi-bricking: why it happens, and what to do about it

    I thought that I would write a FAQ on semi-bricking, seeing as I haven't found any comprehensive ones so far. Many people will probably know most if not all of this, but some will not, and if this helps just one person I will be happy!

    What does semi-brick(ing) mean?
    If your Wii is semi-bricked, you will not be able to access the 'Settings' menu. Other functions (i.e. reading discs) will still work.

    How does semi-bricking occur?
    Semi-bricking happens when you update your Wii menu software using an update from a different region (this obviously requires either a Freeloader or a modchip). For example, if you have a PAL Wii at v2.2E, and you put in an NTSC game which updates your console to 3.x (such as Super Smash Bros Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy), you run the risk of a semi-brick.

    How can I avoid a semi-brick?
    The only way to avoid the risk of a semi-brick completely is to only play games from your region. However other methods are described below.
    • Update your Wii via the Internet, thus ensuring that you have the latest firmware version for your region. Any disc should therefore not ask you to update. Obviously this is not desirable in all cases, as version 3.x stops things such as GC Action Replays from working on unmodded Wiis.
    • Use the Wii Brick Blocker (requires .NET framework 2.0) to strip the update out of the image before burning if you wish to load a backup from a different region. The software is in French, but it is fairly self explanatory. You can change the language to English by clicking on 'Langue' and then 'Changer la langue', selecting 'English.lng' and then clicking OK. Load the image, click on 'read info' if you wish, and then 'Patch'.

    My Wii is already semi-bricked, what do I do!
    The options available to you really depend on whether your Wii has a modchip installed:
    My Wii is unmodded, what now?
    In this case, you will need to find a game from your region with a later firmware update (if you were updated to v3.3 you're out of luck until Nintendo release a new firmware version)

    My Wii is modded, what now?
    A modded Wii can be un-semi-bricked more easily, using the update disks released by Bushing at hackmii. Download the correct disk for your region, burn and run on your Wii.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Please remember, however, that this applies only to semi-bricked consoles, none of this will work for fully bricked Wiis.

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    Can someone please help on where i can get the update disk, my Wii got semi-brick when i did the firmware flash? The links above doesn't work anymore.

    help please!!


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    Hi, I am new here. Hope anyone kind enough could help me on this problem.

    I had a modded wii US ver.
    I burned the new fatal frame 4 Jap ver and now i semi-brick my wii.
    Can i fix my problem, if i just download the files from here NTSC-U (USA) and burned it into DVD and put the disk into my wii to let it auto run? I am very noob so please help.

    And on a side note, after i had done the above and if the problem do solved, can i still play other games which i burned earlier (which i am able to play before the update)?

    THank for anyone who can help.

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    Yes, burn it to DVD and let the Wii auto update from the DVD. Once fixed you should be able to play the games you were able to before. But read the section on avoiding semi-bricking and bricking your wii. Best thing is to never update from a game always use wii setting to update.

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    THank a lot
    Will try it out later

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    Thanks for all the help...I'm was able to reflash my Wii and it now plays both NTSC and PAL games.

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    Thumbs up

    Awesome thread. Was having issues with games not playing - read this thread and did as intructed - now all is good (for now anyway )


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    Hi, I have got a US NTSC WII and it's semi brick coz I installed an update from a PAL game. I can't extract the ISO file. can somebody help me with that ? In addition, I was told that I most probably can't instal modchip on my WII coz the US version Hz is not compatible with the Australian version ( 50Hz), is that true ? Can somebody direct me to a modder in the sydney cbd area who can fix this ? Thanks !

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    Well, I'm a liitle confused how you were able to use a NTSC game on PAL without modchip, did you soemthing like freeloader? I believe You will require a modchip to use the fix for the semibrick wii, I may be wrong but this as this is the first time I've heard of anyone bricking a wii without having a modchip. Toextract Rar files you need to use program called Winrar. Modchips can be installed in ANY wii regardless of region.

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