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Thread: Some Issues...

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    Some Issues...

    Hey everybody,

    Just installed a D2pro9 v3 presoldered with a V4C Clip. After install, I notice that the chip has a red light after turning on the Wii. Not sure what this indicates. My problem is that it takes a very long time for the drive to recognize a recorded disc. I've gone back a few times to readjust the chip but it doesn't seem to help. Also I used the utilidisc and that didn't seem to help.

    I also get a clicking drive every once in awhile when i turn the Wii on...

    Any help is appreciated and please excuse the lack of experience/knowledge

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    Awesome! Thank you for the link. Turns out I had to un-short and connect J. After doing so, the chip remained red...however I applied pressure to the chip and noticed that it would turn on immediately. I applied a piece of felt onto the chip to create more pressure (real thin) and it works perfect!

    again thanks


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