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Thread: Wattage for wii

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    Wattage for wii

    I gonna buy an step down 220 to 110 volts converter for my wii since our power outlet is 220. what's the wattage required by wii?

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    From Wii Wikipedia.

    Power consumption:

    18 watts when switched on[115]
    9.6 watts in standby with WiiConnect24 standby connection[115]
    1.3 watts in standby[115]
    which in turn comes from

    115.^ a b c Nelson, Carl (2007-02-21). "Xbox 360 vs PS3 (and Wii) - Power Consumption Report". Retrieved 2007-11-17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    From Wii Wikipedia.

    which in turn comes from
    the saleslady from the videoshop told me i need an stepdown 220 to 110v converter with a wattage of 500W to 1000W but according to what i read so far i need less than 200W

    is it safe to experiment with 110v converter with less than 200W?

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    Keyword: saleslady (haven't you been oversold in past things by sales people?). Teal'c knows his stuff, I'd go with that --- nuff said.

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    I'd highly recommend if your going to go with a lower one, or even just one in general, get yourself a good surge protector between the converter and your devices. Big T is right though, the Wii doesnt hardly consume anything for power, and you for sure DO NOT need a 500-1000watt one if its strictly running the wii.
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    all you need is your 220 to 110 converter as this is the volts. you will still be using the wii's power brick which is what regulates the wattage going into the wii itself. your power outlet in your wall has no idea what wattage any other product in your needs this is why more or less every electrical device either comes with a plug transformer (mobile,ds,3.5 usb harddrive etc) to lower voltage and wattage or a power brick(wii,xbox,laptop,etc) or then the likes of big screen tvs or desktop comuters have them inside the case so they just use a direct cable i.e kettle lead. your power brick is designed for 110 so 220 could fry it but stepping that down before will sort that out and then the power brick will sort out the wattage on its own. look at the sticker on it and it will tell you the max watts it put out! as long as converter can supply more that the wii needs evert thing will be fine as i said the power brick will lower it to suit the wii
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    thanks guys for the great explanations. sigh...those salesladies should take up basic electronics
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