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Thread: No More Heroes NTSC-PAL - VMC Edited - Trucha Signed

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    Exclamation No More Heroes NTSC-PAL - VMC Edited - Trucha Signed

    Dear Forum Users,

    I've been working my ass off to get this game functional.
    First I got this NTSC-PAL release from Espalwii, but at the screen it gives me the "Eject the disc and shut off the Wii" error.

    I use an 3.2E PAL Wii

    If I use the release through Configurable USB Loader, as an WBFS it's all fine, but here comes my true problem.

    The quality of the screen looks like crap, so I looked online and there were possible fixes like force 480p by using "Video Mode Changer" I used 3.0 first, then 2.3, I used Truchia Signer to change the main.dol and replace it again.

    I then burned it at different speeds 2,4x / 4x / 8x - 2 gave me the Disc Eject error and the other one didn't even show up.

    CIOS I have are 249rev7 and the 222 files as recommended by the latest wiihack topics.

    NeoGamma gives me the Green Screen / GeckoOS hangs when reading the disc.

    I'm kind of getting tired of ruining my verbatim -R dvd's
    Anyone know an solution?

    As this is my first post, I just wish to say Nice to meet you all, and thanks in advance.


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    I hope someone is able to help me with this, since it's driving me nuts.

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    Did you enable the #002 Fix in the loader that you are using...???

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    NTSC-PAL...haven't heard of that region yet. No need to alter the .iso when loading from usb. There are video mode fixes in the loaders, use those. And what emuhack said, that too.
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    Please also refrain from bumping your post same day. This aggrivates Staff as well as Senior members. Wait at least a whole day before bumping if you havn't gotten an answer.

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