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Thread: WiiClips, D2C Key, FlexPCBs and WiiKeys

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    WiiClips, D2C Key, FlexPCBs and WiiKeys

    I am currently selling everything I have. I don't have time to mod consoles anymore and am attending graduate school in about two weeks, so i need money for textbooks and such. I currently have 4 WiiClips, 4 D2C Keys, 5 WiiKeys and 5 FlexPCBs.

    WiiClip for D2CKey - $25.00
    D2CKey - $25.00
    WiiKey - $7.00
    FlexPCB - $3.00

    All prices INCLUDE shipping to the US.
    Willing to sell everything for 150 shipped anywhere.

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    Any of these solderless? If so how much would shipping be to UK.

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    these d2key's are diffrent than the d2pro9 chip's??
    my wii code : 4039 5108 4208 9066
    pm me with your code if you request me

    mariokart code : 0731-6418-2645


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