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Thread: SMBB Formated my Drive: My Game Collection Is Gone!!!

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    Unhappy SMBB Formated my Drive: My Game Collection Is Gone!!!

    Okay so I softmodded my wii using BannerBomb metod and backuped lots of games with EXCELLENT results expect for one game: Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

    The problem was that I was missing cIOS 222, okay but I messed around with the game settings (IOS RELOAD, ERROR #2 patch) before installing the cIOS.

    Unfortunatelly the game didn't work so I left it without installing the cIOS so today I went to try the game for one last time and I got a BLACK SCREEN, I tought that I only needed to reboot the Wii so I did but when I went back to USB LOADER GX none of my games were showing and It offered me to format my partition. I just rebooted my Wii and try to se the games in WBFS aren't appearing in WBFS MANAGER either and telling me that the drive isn't in WBFS format.

    TL;DR: I played around with SMBB Game Load options and after running it, it formated my drive. What Do?

    So I'm afraid I lost all of my games.

    Am I correct? What made this error happen?

    Is there something I can do to fix it???
    Am I correct? Is there something I can do about it?

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    Test the drive with
    WBFS Manager

    Check to see if the games are still on the drive from you pc.
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    check the usb cable. sometimes, extended long cable causes problems.

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