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Thread: d2pro-9wire soldering?

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    Exclamation d2pro-9wire soldering?

    Hi, All the install guides have that yellow clip thing around the chip, but i've recently bought my chip from and I need to solder my wire to specific parts. However, after opening my wii It looks almost impossible to do, the soldering points are so small and close together. I'm scared im going to stuff up. Is that yellow clip purchasable to make things easier? Will it be compatible with my chip? Please need help. I cant find any videos that will show properly how I can install it on youtube or anywhere else. By the way I live in Syd Australia.

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    Check out the following video for installing D2Pro9v2 (presoldered onto Wiiclip).

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    I thought the same thing when i opened up my wii, those points are tiny but it is possible you just have to have a little patients.

    Heres what i did: for F, E, and D points
    strip and put solder on then end of each wire
    tape the wire in place with some electrical tape
    use a magnifying glass or something alike(i used a digital camera) to make sure the wire is in the right place.
    then just touch the soldering iron to it

    make sure you dont use too much solder b/c then it could join pins

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    There are alternate points if you aren't comfortable soldering to the chip. You need a pretty special iron to solder the chips pins. Don't attempt it if yoyu aren't comfortable. Use the alternate points.

    IMO, the alternate points should be published much more in the install guides.

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    the only alternate points i know of are on the bigger chip but they would be just as hard to solder.


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