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Thread: drive key install

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    drive key install

    i have installed my first drivekey v2 and it works fine. the questions i have are, now the wii when turned off doesnt have a power light on like before. and to get to config for drive key i have to go to neogamma and press eject 3 times. it wont work on the disc channel. all backups play from disc channel fine.

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    you should use drivekey OR softmod.

    i cannot imagine people use both the methods and ask these weird questions here.

    why do you use neogamma and drivekey.

    just delete the softmod and use drivekey or use softmod and take drivekey out.

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    wellll,in a way yes your right.there is no need for both,buthaving both does no harm.Also you can use the soft mod for other things,like cheat codes ,dvd player and some games do give problems so why not use neogamma.As far as the power light goes I have the same drivekey and my wii does the same thing.Its actually good that it does this,because you know the power is off and wii 24 can never connect.Your issue with the disc not relly sure,but it could be because your softmod is prioritizing neogamma over the disc channel.Either way as long as you can get to config menu it should not make a difference.Take care and happy wii-ing.


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