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Thread: Install Wasabi DX as Zero?

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    Install Wasabi DX as Zero?

    Hello -

    The read speed of the DX is killing me, so I know it can be installed as a Zero - and my chipset would support it. So do I just need to install the DX wired instead of the solderless? Then flash with the Zero firmware?


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    you to flash it first with the dx firmware and install the clip and flash it with zero firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by PensFan66 View Post
    Hello -

    The read speed of the DX is killing me,

    Do you mean the Wasabi DX is slow reading backups?
    I ask because a couple of friends have asked me to mod their Wii's and I am lookingto buy the Wasabi DX

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    I have a Wasabi installed and have no problems whatsoever, their support posting a ready made .bca file for NSMB on the website is an example of how good their support is, and its easy to fit.

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    I am wanting a Wasabi, but the only local places near me sell WasabiDX. The trouble is i am not sure i want to be hampered by the 3x Read Speeds.

    So would the best course of action be, buy a WasabiDX and then a compatible Clip for it so that i can get 6x Read speed?
    I have an early Wii (possibly D2E) so clipping it on shouldn't be a problem.


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