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Thread: NeoGamma R8 rc1 IOS249 (Rev17) black screen

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    NeoGamma R8 rc1 IOS249 (Rev17) black screen

    I have followed the guide and couldnt get it to work on 3.2u so I updated to 4.1 installed everything and still getting a black screen. When i started the Wii Band Hero is seen on the standard loader. I startup NeoGamma and load the disc to a black screen.

    I have changed media to Verbatim -r 16x copied at 4x with IMGBURN.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Maybe I need to change something since I updated to 4.1?

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    I have found that USB Loader GX worked better for me for loading from disk. One problem is that you will need either an external HDD or USB Stick in the rear of the Wii formatted to WBFS in order to load USB Loader GX.

    A 1GB Stick would be more than sufficient.

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    Did you install IOS56? I know Rock Band and about any of those types all need it installed in order to work/not blackscreen.


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