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Thread: Original Wii Sports Pal on 4.1U

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    Question Original Wii Sports Pal on 4.1U

    Could'nt get any hits for anything but Wii Sports Resort srry.

    I followed the 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii guide.

    Have region free enabled in priiloader. I tried burning a backup of a Pal version of Wii Sports. x2 img burn.
    Got Disk Channel to recognize the disk as Wii Sports. Then I start game and get blah blah.....refer to owners manual..... blah.

    Tried to use neogamma to boot dvd-r. With no changes to region settings I get black and white with games scrolling down the screen. With different region options settings I can either get a black screen, green screen, or my blue video 1 screen.

    Then followed the guide how-create-multiple-partitions-your-usb-hdd
    Used neogamma to load from hdd instead and get same errors as booting from dvd-r.

    Q:Is there anyone who knows if Wii Sports Original is one of those Pal games that just won't work or is there any other possible solution? Thanks.

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    I have Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort booting from USB using USB Loader GX.

    Consider trying USB Loader GX instead of neogammer.

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    Would you happen to have a link to a good download or Tut. Thanks for your help.

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    Installed USB Loader GX. Got a better black and white picture but still scrolls.
    Messing with region settings and error 002 setting only give me a blackscreen.
    Tried regionfrii but it stills shows my iso as PAL in USB Loader GX.

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    Black and White would be region settings. You will have to force the correct region in USB Loader GX.

    If the 002 Error correction gave a black screen, then revert that back to the original setting.

    Try to only change one setting at a time. Is long winded but will prevent multiple changes sending you the wrong way from your goal.


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