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    Us Wii USB loader

    Hey, I guess i'm sort of new to this whole Wii USB stuff... but I have the HBC installed and playing on my Wii. What I have, is a USB stick drive that has New Super Mario Bros. Wii on it. The USB is a 1 GB and I shrunk the file to fit in the USB. All I need is something called a USB Loader/Starter, on my SD card (the SD card holds the HBC info on it.) that I can boot from the HBC menu (so I need it in the apps folder). I don't really mind for it to be a channel or anything like that, just so I can play the freaking game!!! If you can help with a full walk through/tutorial on how to install the Loader straight to my SD card, In the apps folder part of it, to start up on the HBC Menu so I can play it directly that would be extremely help full!!!

    Also I'm not sure If I have to have my Wii Modded with a Mod Chip or anything like that...? I'm not that great with Wii type things.
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    you will need to have formatted your usb stick to wbfs with wbfs manager too...if you haven't already that is, usb loader gx (hbc and channel versions), wbfs manager and instructions are here

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    Thanks you soooo much!

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    Hey I tried doing all the applications installed on my SD card that showed in the file you sent me, and none of them worked. Both cIOS things loaded but then either the Wii crashed or the Wii Remotes just shut off completely. And when I open the USB Loader GX It says I need a cIOS thing installed on my Wii, or else it won't work. This sucks! Please Help!

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    Someone please help!

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    Someone please [beep] help! I can not figure this out and I'm getting pissed! I downloaded the cIOS rev14 and chose the IOS36 and that seemed to install. now when i go to the GX USB loader it says I haven't installed it or something about IOS249 PLEASE [beep] HELP ME!!!!!!
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    Can't say you'll get much help by acting that way. Make sure to read as much as you can from this forum. There is a ton of information already discussed throughout wiihacks. Try giving as much information pertaining to your issue as possible and be specific.

    What is your system menu?

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