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Thread: Ios249 dilemma

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    Ios249 dilemma

    hi im kind of a noob at this stuff but....

    when i try installing usb loader GX using the CIOS38 rev.14, i dont have IOS249 goes stright from ios55 ro ios254....and to make matters worse...even tohugh i am connected to the internet and my wii says i am....when i try a network gives me and error and i have to restart my wii... i am using a 3.4U wii and it is modded with the wiikey if that makes a anyone??

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    It kind of sounds like your looking at a 4.2 guide but trying to follow it on a 3.4U wii.

    I'd advise Dogegg's guide which you can find at and follow that step by step. If you follow this guide, you should have no problems with using the GX Loader.
    Make sure also your USB Drive is on the list at if its not, you may be going through a lot of steps and not be able to actually use the drive in the end.
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