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Thread: Tales of Graces blue screen error

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    Tales of Graces blue screen error

    well, here's the problem :
    just downloaded an ISO of the game "Tales of Graces" (japan version). i use imgBurn, and when i load an ISO of "Tales of Graces", the "file sys" part on imgBurn's window says "Special" (is that normal?). i tried burning one on a sony DVD-R (i know, it's not recommended, and verbatim's better...), and then when i try to launch it (through Waninkoko's WiiGator3) on my wii, the screen goes blue and there's an error #002 (most of you know the message). i tried another mothod : holding B after launching from WiiGator to open a little menu, and then launch it, and still gets the same error.

    and honestly, it's the first time i saw an error with a blue screen on the background (usually, it's black)

    for the burner i use TSSTCorp CD/DVDW SH-S182D (but the tray says "Samsung WriteMaster", though...)

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    Hi ryuichi! You should post firs your wii firmware
    But,u know,it is not because of DVD(I use sony DVD+R booktyped and works fine)i think it is because of some update or it is out of your region(but screen should be green....).Do you have a japanese wii?You should try to patch updates.And also try neogamma and istall cios17(wad installation)You can easilly find these on wiihacks.

    Hope it helps!


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    ah, of course... i forgot the firmware...

    i use 3.3U for the firmware, and as far as i know, WiiGator can launch multi-region games (games from any region)
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    problem fixed : i forgot to change the region settings to jpn.

    okay, problems away...

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    Hi, I just burn up to 3 copies of a ToG's ISO using my Gecko OS, its like is going to run but the screen remains black, I have a original Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk and goes wonderful, do you have any idea??
    And, if is maybe the iso can you tell where I can find a good one??

    Thanks for you time!

    PD: I have a 4.2U Wii, but as I said i got Gecko OS working

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    Black screen, you might be missing an IOS that's required to run the game on; I don't know if this title is in Teal'Cs thread of games IOS use to run or not... should you have the original at hand, see his post #2 in that thread mentioned.

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    I see, so I can say that the original can run perfect but a ISO of the same game (burned) can have this kind of problem?
    I would see that thread.
    And if I have to modify any IOS I would have to wait for the original xD

    EDIT: I was watching that dude's thread but, if it is a problem of a IOS, I cant imagine it, because I have the lastest upgrade (4.2) :S, could it be another reason???
    EDIT2: thanks to that thread it is said that can be a bad dl o a problem of region, i think I can try some region patch or something xD
    But, the question is, Does gecko OS have something to do with it?
    I would apprecite any help or comment
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    I just had to change the language of the gecko to japanese xdddddddddddddddddddddd



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    hi, I have a wii 4.1E
    This is my problem :

    When I start "Tales of graces" NTSC-J, on USB loader gx I get a blackscreen, what's the better configuration to run the game ?

    I have already turn the game languages in japanese but nothing just the blackscreen

    Cios 38 rev 19

    sorry for my english, i'm french

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    having gone through most of the problems that the other posters have with this game I can only ask if anyone has any idea on how to install the language patch to the iso? I was lucky enough to find a patch, but alas it is without a readme file on how to use it. I have found one post somewhere else that says just use wiiscrubber to replace the .dol but gives no direction as to which one to replace. any suggestions would rock.


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