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Thread: USBLoader GX PAL prob-- HELP PLZ!!!

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    Red face USBLoader GX PAL prob-- HELP PLZ!!!

    Okay... so i know someones gonna read this post and shun me for not using the "search" function... but ive done googled my brains out...

    trying to play Okami PAL backup on me HDD.. ive got both a .wad usbloader and a .dol(r.899) usbloader..

    ive got the latest gecko you can get from HBB

    damn thing wont play... ive got both usbloaders net to force NTSC..

    USBloader wont load through gecko...

    unlike my metroid 3 PAL, this one lets me select the game and hear the noise and see the spinning disk.. but when i try and play it, the screen goes black and the controller de-syncs... no dsi occurence or any code errors or anything...

    so... will anyone help me?

    also.. somehow, in the past i was able to load usbloader through gecko.. but not anymore.. cant remember if ive made any ciso changes since then... probably have.. but i was able to load and play metroid when i did.

    any ideas?

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    black screen usually means you're missing an ios the game needs. Click the ios link in my signature, look at tealc's guide to find out which one the game needs, then install it.

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