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Thread: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

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    Post No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

    The following will be as spoiler free as possible.

    No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle allows you to re-enter the life of most people's favorite protagonist, Travis Touchdown. Anybody who played NMH 1 and enjoyed the title, *should* enjoy this one even more, with it's minor tweaks in the right direction.

    NMH2 brings us back to the world of Santa Destroy, a land where assassination has become common place, and is even televised for all to enjoy. Travis has been out of the killing game for quite some time, and you don't necessarily get all the details of his fall from grace, but none of that actually matters, does it? You're here for limb lopping, blood splattering action, and the sequel delivers in droves.

    Mini-games are back as well, but this time in an 8-bit glory only Suda 51 could deliver. Cash is delved out in the same way as it was the original, but this time around, there is no payment for facing another mission. All cash is left for newer weapons, clothing, and upgrades to your health, power, and game, so you don't necessarily spend all your time on the earning. It was a little shortcut I definitely appreciated. Another little shortcut that didn't go unnoticed was the fact that you do not need to ride your motorcycle around town, essentially rendering you more gameplay without any of the filler. Instead, an overhead map is utilized, saving at least a half hour of total travel time you would normally make.

    Controls in this game are essentially the same as NMH, so again, if you liked 1, you're going to enjoy 2. Wrestling moves, Slashing finishers, and fountains of blood await your every input. There is something to be said about the beautifully rendered in-game play, although at times, a bit of lag will hit your system if running off the original disc for some reason. I found that once I ripped my retail to my HDD, I had no slowdown whatsoever, so take it all with a grain of salt.

    Playtime on this game is around 8-12 hours, but I find that if you skip most if not all of the upgrades, mini games, etc, you can probably get away with around 6 hours until the game is done. This also all depends on how difficult you want your game to be, and after beating it, another difficulty and a Boss Rush mode are also unlocked.

    I definitely enjoyed the sequel to NMH much better than the original. It seemed like all the BS was cut out, and it let you get to the nitty gritty of what it's actually like to be Travis. All the jokes are still there, all the puns, and everything you've come to love about the franchise, but this time around, it gets straight to the point.

    Gameplay: 9
    Graphics: 9
    Story: 10
    Difficulty: 7

    Total Score: 8.75
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    Sweet, my next game i imagine. Although I haven't done the first one, it doesn't seem necessary.


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