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Thread: Hi From Sunny Southern California!

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    Us Hi From Sunny Southern California!

    Hi there,

    I just bought a wii "for my son" and started looking around for some mod info... this site has it all! Thank you for this great resource, and as I start to figure out what the hell I'm doing I hope to become a useful member of the site!

    Currently I'm debating which chip to pick up and I'm leaning towards the D2PRO9 over the wasabi 2 - I bought my wii in July and it has serial LU5771XXXX. Any suggestions to the contrary?

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    Welcome to the community. Either D2Pro9v2/v3 or Wasabi2 will work for you and you can get them presoldered to WiiClip so no soldering required except for Wasabi which I believe still requires 1 soldering point.


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