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Thread: GC Multigame ISO batch available?

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    Question GC Multigame ISO batch available?

    I've got quite a bunch of GC ISOs and I was wondering if there was a way to batch create the entire lot to multigame. Once it is close to the 4.7 gb mark, I'd like it to move on to the next ISO. Possible?

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    Yes it is possible. There is something called Gamecube Multi Iso Creator or something. It allows you to scrub the games and play 4 or 5 games on one DVD-R disc.
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    Thanks for the reply, but that's not what I am asking. Is there a frontend or an addon to the GC Multi ISO creator that will allow me to highlight roughly 90-100 individual game ISOs and create multi-iso images on the fly?

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    gyrmite - - go there and have a read has the app and what to do, also make sure u have everything done to run the gc backups and also not all games will run like Xlll and some others will not to

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    Again, thanks for the reply, but that's still not what I am after.

    1) I already have the GC Multigame ISO program

    2) I have already successfully created a multigame ISO disc

    3) I have 100 or more individual ISO images that I would like to multigame by highlighting all of them, walking away, and having the PC do the rest (creating 30 or more multigame ISOs on the fly)

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    no there is nothing that will do this for u, its all do it ya self


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