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Thread: convert pal to ntsc

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    convert pal to ntsc

    hello, i recently follow the tutorial i guess you would call it to soft mod my 4.2u wii and it works great! the only problem i have had so far is that i downloaded the rabbids go home game in Pal and it shows up black and white on my tv. my tv is an older tv and i used neoGamma for the games because i dont have the money to buy an external hard drive. anyways i was just wondering how i would get the Rabbids go home game to come in color without having to re-download a ntsc version of it, unless that is the only way i guess i will do that.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey i figured out my problem. i just went into the neogamma thing and read the other options besides launch dvd, there was something about region and i put the region to one of the ntsc ones and now its in color this stuff rocks


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