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Thread: gamecube multi-iso grayscale

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    Question gamecube multi-iso grayscale

    I'm using the gamecube multi-iso creator on a NTSC-U system, with NTSC-U images. when I load the burned multi-iso image (burned at 4x) the screen goes black and white. the game is able to play normally, but in grayscale. I've read that it's something to do with my region settings, but I made sure to set everything to NTSC, and the images play fine when burned on their own. Is there a good GCN multi-iso maker that has a similar feature set as that one but will use NTSC settings instead of PAL?

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    Try using gamecube backup loader 0.1 Xi. It has worked much better for multi discs for me

    if that doesn't work try updating your cmios

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    actually, it was a problem with the gamecube multi-iso creator setting the region to PAL instead of my wii's native NTSC. I fixed that by not using it at all. I instead use the wiiui menu, while inferior and unable to shrink it's own ISO, it actually sets the default region to NTSC.


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