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Thread: Cant play PAL on my softmod USA WII

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    Cant play PAL on my softmod USA WII

    I have a softmodded USA WII Ive downloaded US games and played them off of my hdd via Wiiflow and USB loader GX without a problem but I downloaded a PAL version of a game and when I try to play it. It plays very fuzzy and in black and white. Is there something I need to do to get it to play right?

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    I know on NeoGamma there are options like FORCENTSC, FORCEPAL... I believe there are similar options for those loaders as well.

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    Yeah I got it figured out now thanks

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    how did you figure it out mardigrased?

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    The settings for USB Loader GX can be found by clicking the logo with the cogs on it (bottom left hand side). There you can change all manner of settings including which region to force games to boot in.


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