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Thread: No More Heroes 2 unable to read disk

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    Question No More Heroes 2 unable to read disk

    Hello guys, I've been out of the wii moding scene for quiet a while now, I just upgraded my cIOS and what not etc.. so, the sequel to NMH came out, and since it's one of my favorite series I decided to play it, I'm using neogamma with cios249 rev17, I tried neogamma, gecko, and all that, and it gives me unable to read disk, my wii's version is 3.2U.. anyone has an idea of what could be going wrong

    thank you very much.

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    No More Heroes 2.......................IOS53

    ^^ Do you have this IOS installed? Tho admittedly, you usually get a black screen when trying a game lacking the IOS it runs off of....

    Source: Which IOS Games Use to Run

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    hmm apparently it was the disk i was using, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help, mods please delete this thread.


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