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    Question SSBB d2pro v2

    hi there any 1 help me with SSBB on the d2b cut legs with d2pro v2,
    i downloaded pal version, burned at 2.4 speed on a dual layer with clone cd and it dont read the disk,
    i put a layer break on, so any1 tell me what i have done wrong?


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    Try using Verbatim DL DVD Disc and use IMGBurn to burn image at 2.4x speed. You will need to set the layer break in IMGBurn. The layer break setting in IMGBurn is by going to Tools -> Settings -> Write tab and you will see the Layer break on the top right corner of the screen in the 'Options' section set to user specified and enter 2084960. This is how most people have been doing it to get it to work.


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