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Thread: Need Help Please!

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    Need Help Please!

    Hey guys,

    I have a Wii from New Zealand and i want to get Zelda: Wind waker gamecube game from ebay probably from USA, But im guessing it wont play on my wii because of the different region?

    If i softmod my wii will it play this game and/or other region games?

    Thanks guys!

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    you can patch it to play. What region game are you? PAL?

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    Ok sweet,

    yes i am PAL region.

    Will this affect me playing my wii games from my region?

    And if i patch it does it mean i can play imported wii games also?

    Thank you

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    I not encourage you patch it because i never patch an original disk before.

    If you have homebrew on your wii you can use Gecko OS to play imported game or use GCBooter.

    Both of this are region free.
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    Ok so if I softmod my wii with the guide on this forum does it load the gecko onto my wii or do i have to do that separately?

    And will it play both imported wii and gamecube games?

    Sorry for the hassle!

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    When your wii have homebrew on it, it allowed you to add more application to it such as listen to your music or watch movie.
    Gecko OS also you to play wii imported game, but i don't know if it play imported gamecube.
    GCBooter boot region free gamecube games on Wii, i never use this before.
    Once you have homebrew, you can played both imported wii and gamecube games.

    If you need any help tell me or go to our Tutorial Tab.

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    Ok so when i softmod my wii it doesnt install these programs but i can add them after softmodding.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    just a quick message, if you get a pirated copy of windwaker in ANY region, and try to play it, for some reason it will not load dungeon maps without crashing. if you have a legal copy it should work, but i dont know about region free.

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    No problem, hope you can play your imported game


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