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Thread: Neogamma RC1 wad

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    Neogamma RC1 wad

    Uhm, Hi, I'm new here. I couldn't find a Neogamma RC1 wad, and since it seems to be the newest version, i kinda hacked one together. I based it on the Rev17 edition that I found here, and just swapped out the .dol file using wadder. I tested it on my wii, and I loaded a game with it,

    I would make an autoboot version, but I don't know how yet, so if someone knows if they could just tell me, I'll try to make it for you guys

    here is the changelog (from the official readme):

    R8 beta 17 - > R8 RC1:

    - updated cIOS warnings for cIOS rev17
    - Hopefully fixed code dumps on exit if launched from a channel
    - Added autoboot code(but disabled, no official version will have this enabled)
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    I just noticed it was in the sticky above, I kinda feel like an idiot now. well, uh. enjoy the version if the first post's download link is down


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