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Thread: *Possible* fix to the Eject issues

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    Us *Possible* fix to the Eject issues

    So I received my V3 for my DMS board a few days ago. And since then, I've been having some eject issues. Anyways, tonight it would not work anymore so I opened it up, messed around yet nothing changed. Then I booted up the 1.5 Firmware disk and even though the firmware that came with the Chip was already 1.5, I did a force update with the utility disk. After that, I toggled this setting:

    Region patcher: OFF
    Everything else: DEFAULT

    Since then all my ejects haven't had a problem. Try this and let me know if it works for you.

    My stuff:
    D2pro9 V3 HW 2.2 FW 1.5
    DMS board

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    That's great information, thanks.

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