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Thread: PAL vs NTSC wii

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    PAL vs NTSC wii


    Is the NTSC and PAL have difference in image quality? Or are they exactly the same in terms of video and audio?


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    To be honest, I don't think there is any difference any more. They're both capable of doing 60Hz and 480P. I guess it all depends on what your TV supports. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.

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    NTSC as a format is capable of higher frame rates, although game developers burn PAL and NTSC at exactly the same rates

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    its frequency, nothing else

    Pal is what Europe uses
    NTSC is what japan and US uses

    thats why its based off where you buy, not Special or less special edition wiis tv's etc

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    In terms of games, frequency is the only difference, however, when it comes to films etc, there are several differences.

    PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line, whearas NTSC stands for National Television System Committee.

    NTSC has tint control which requires manual ajustments for colours, PAL uses phase alteration so it fixes hue errors itself.

    Frame rates are higher in NTSC (30fps, PAL = 25 full frames)

    Delay line PAL decoders give superior performance to their PAL counterparts (more phase errors are cancelled out)

    They both have different colour spaces, the difference can vary depending on the decoder

    just thought i'd let you know

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    it makes no difference, its just a code, doesnt change the game in any way

    but if u update out of region you will brick your wii


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