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Thread: modding my wii LU57450xxxx

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    modding my wii LU57450xxxx

    Hi all, great site, etc, etc. I have been reading threads all day and my eyeballs are about to bleed so I made this tread to get confirmation on what I think I need to mod my Wii.
    So I bought a Wii on 5/22 that I want to chip.

    First I went to the Wii tracker and found out this:
    There is a 50% chance that your drive chip is a GC2-D2C
    There is a 50% chance that the pins on your drive chip are not cut.

    So I am assuming that I have a D2C Mobo and that my pins are not cut.

    I found a D2PRO9 v2 with v4C Wii Clip pre-soldered at and Mod Central Ltd. :: Nintendo Wii :: Modchips :: D2Pro9 V3 Bundle (D2Pro9 V3 + V4C WiiClip + Triwing Screwdriver) for 77.00 and 74.95 respectively.

    I am not good at soldering so to me the extra 20ish bucks for the chip to be soldered onto the clip are worth it.

    As far as I can tell, these bundles will work whether I have a d2c, d2c2, or a d2e mobo.

    Can you guys just confirm that this is what I want?
    Does one of the sites have faster shipping as time is of the essence? I can return my Wii until 8/20

    Thanks in advance

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    If u are buying the d2pro9 v2 with wii-clip, then get the d2prog because u will need to update a lot. ModCentral has faster shipping than foundmy.

    And i am thinking that ur wii is a d2c.

    It was made during the transition between d2c and d2c2.
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    how exactly does the d2prog work? i was under the impression that the D2pro9 v2 is dvd updatable

    secondly how easy is the d2prog to use. do i just attach it or is there soldering involved?

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    the dpro9 is dvd upgradable. the d2prog is for reprogramming the core chip itself incase it is messed up from a dvd update

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    The d2pro9 is dvd updatable but to get to 2.1 firmware u have to use the d2prog.
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