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Thread: help with neogeo & mame emu on wii

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    help with neogeo & mame emu on wii

    hi, ive got:

    - redux32.dol
    - xmame.gx
    - gxmame
    - gxmame-0.35beta2

    now can anyone help me as to what to do next to run them? i can get hold of the roms n i have the HBChannel installed on my wii

    is it as simply as burning or putting the dol file onto dvd/sd card?? if so whats the directories/folders i should create to put the roms into??

    really wanna play double dragon, willow, bad dudes etc wether in GC linux mode or not... would prefer to create a boot dvd with all the roms in there

    any help greatly appreciated.. thx

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    uses this: Homebrew apps/Neopop Wii - WiiBrew

    Files go in: /apps/neogeo/

    Roms go in: /neopop/roms/
    Saves go in: /neopop/saves

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    ^^ thx 4 replying, but isnt that only for NeoGeo Pocket roms??

    id doubt the neo geo roms are compatible with the pocket emulator.. and the pocket roms arent as good as the normal neogeo ones as i aleady got some pocket roms working on my wii

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    i cn't get it to work either. did you ever have any luck?

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    I never could get mame to work. People all over said to put Mamefs-fs on the root and when you load it in the HBC it can't be found. Bullcrap I tell you!


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