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    Having being new to softmodding, it took me a while to suss out how to softmod my Wii (v3.2). Using a'softmodding for dummies' guide i eventually installed HBC and backup launcher and was well chuffed.....Anyway, my son heard me bragging and asked me to do his. Feeling cocky i said 'no problem'....oh dear....his was v4.1 and was totally different. Nothing i tried worked, i spent a day scratching my head. Then i read the tutorial by dogeggs, (thanks by the way) and with some persistance, managed to install the NeoGamma loader,HBC etc.

    What i'm trying to say is that if you get stuck just keep trying. READ ALL the tutorial before you start and you should be fine.

    It also helps if the house is empty and quiet

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    I AGREE!!

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