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Thread: wii games on ritek f1 disks

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    wii games on ritek f1 disks

    ok i bought some ritek f1 disks apparently there the new dvds out to use cause they hav a brand new dye on them so i heard. anyway i copied a game onto 1 of the disks. and checked the image burnt onto the disk in my pc but nothing showed up on the dvd. is this normal as im waiting for my chipped wii to come bck im just downloading sum games for when i get it back. hope some1 knows wat im on about lol

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    im also using imgburn to burn the games if that helps as well

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    You wii games on DVD will not show up on PC as it requires special DVD drives to read Wii Game discs.

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    Games burned to DVD-R can be read by regular pc DVD drives. This is proved by the fact that imgburn verifies the disc after writing

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    How do you know if the DVD works ok?

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    If the burned disk and the iso image on your hard drive match (imgburn can verify), then it should work.
    This does however depend on the Wii not having any problems with the new dye on the F1 disks.
    The only real way to see if they work is to stick a burned disk into a modded Wii and see what happens...;-)

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    Just FYI, Office max has the verbatim DVD-R 100 Pack on sale for $19.99

    Verbatim DVD-R Spindle 4.7GB DVD-R 100 120 min. No at OfficeMax

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    hey all soz i didnt get bck in touch i been working none stop. the new dvds i bought work fine so if any1 is wanting to try them out now u know they work perfect with no probs...thanx for all your replys


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