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    Hi guys.

    I have the d2pro key and am running 4.1u with neogamma R8 loader.

    I have had no problems for months with my wii until tonight; I am playing Wiifit plus (backup lol) and it blackscreens on me telling me the disc cannot be read so I try again but I use the nintendo loader instead of neogamma and the same thing happens; both times happened about 10 -15 mins of playing.

    I then try out Biggest looser (Also a copy) and the same thing happens; the discs are clean and I am pretty sure no updates have been applied in months so what gives?

    Any suggestions?

    thanks guys most appreciative.

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    just a quick update.

    I have been playing wiisports resort (backup) for the last 30 mins without error after I powered down the machine.

    The wii had been on for about 2 weeks without shutting down prior so maybe that was it; just needed a cooldown??

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