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Thread: USB Loader GX problems

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    USB Loader GX problems

    I have read read and read some more.
    Reinstalled over and over.
    So here we are and I can't get it to work.

    I did this
    To the T
    My backup discs work fine.
    When I load GX it pops up something about 36 missing not patched 249 or 222
    The games that I put on there with WBFS read but won't play black screen.
    Any help for a noob.
    Maxtor 500gb ide with acomdata and compusa brand enclosures.

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    I assume that you have a 4.2 system menu from the guide you followed and i don't so i may be wrong, but i had the same error modding a 3.4E wii. Basically my issue was that i did not run Trucha bug restorer so i did not install the cios at all, but im not sure if this is necessary with 4.2. Some people have also mentioned that they had a bad version of the cios files which caused the same.

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    I loaded both again after I did the "You can now install ios202, ios222, ios223"
    Same But I also hooked my drive back to the pc and it would not work.
    So I changed the IDE cable and now on the Compusa brand I don't get all the errors only the 36 but loads everything else just fine.
    I see the games loaded still. So I would think that the acomdata wont work.

    If the game list loads does that mean that the enclosure will work
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    Sorry im a bit confused, can you see the game list in USB loader GX or on WBFS manager?

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    4.2u updated system

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    132 views and no answer, not sure how to make it work without a little help >!<
    Should I join another forum to get a answer >?<


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