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Thread: Please help! Recent mod problem

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    Unhappy Please help! Recent mod problem

    Hi all, new member, hope yall can help...

    I had a well-referred "professional modder" mod my Wii just this morning with a D2Pro chip (according to him, i know next to nothing about it), and gave me full instructions on what do do with it, etc.

    So, first thing I did when I went home was plug in my Wii to see if it was ok. Mario Kart was in the disc drive upon startup, and I played it for about 30 min just fine, then decided to go to the internet channel. It was fine for about 45 seconds, then everything went black and i got a msg to eject the disk and restart my wii.

    I could not eject the disk. Upon restart, the Wii didn't even recognize the disk, and now most of my channels do the same black screen thing. So, Mario Kart (retail version) is stuck in there and my Wii doesn't know it! It seems like the system should work ok, but without the ability to eject I have no clue what to do.

    My Wii software is 3.3U.

    Can anyone help?

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    I don't think your Wii is hosed. But you will definitely need to figure out how to get that disc out of there.

    That's weird about the black screen thing. All of the channels do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whacker_guy View Post
    That's weird about the black screen thing. All of the channels do that?
    It does NOT happen for the Mii channel, but happens most of the time after a few minutes or so for DLed games from store and Weather/News. I can check my settings just fine.

    Totally agree on getting the disc out, but so far nothing at all is working, and I don't own a tri-wing wrench. Arrrgh. Trying my best not to throw the thing out the window...

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    get him to recheck his connections, sounds like maybe something came loose.
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