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Thread: Wii Sports Resort Freezes before game start

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    Wii Sports Resort Freezes before game start

    I followed a very user friendly guide that walked me through the whole process of softmodding my 4.2u wii. I will not mention it here so I don't ruffle feathers. Anyway, I have the basics, bootmii as boot 2(with nand backup), Homebrew channel, cios 222/223 and 249, usbloader gx, Savegame manager, and a few other things. I have been able to load several games using usbloader gx with no issues at all so i know that my HD and setup isn't to blame.

    So, my issue:
    I have wii sports resort on my HD (wbfs partition) and I have gotten it to load with Usbloader gx. I did the whole alt. dol thing and the 002 fix that is NOT the problem. I can get to the main screen in the game, select a game, go through the configuration and everything, but when i get to the part where you ok the mii you selected and start the game, it freezes immediately after clicking ok. The screen dims and the wiimote disconnects, only a hard reset will fix it.

    What I have tried:
    Using different cios
    Use different usb loading program
    Burn img to disk and try loading using uniiloader, uloader, and gecko (still doesnt work but for a different reason i'm sure)
    Download a different ISO and recopy to wbfs partition.

    I am getting really frustrated with this now and I would really appreciate any insight people may have for me.

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    Well, i got the game to load from DVD now. Before the wii would not recognize the disk no matter what homebrew app I used. I was using DVD +R media and I was able to use ImgBurn to change the book type to DVD ROM. Now, the disk isn't read in the wii menu but uLoader reads the disk and I can play the game that way. I would still prefer to be able to play this game from my USB drive since USB Loader Gx is very convenient and fast.


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    I have the same problem but mine crashes after the video

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    Check this: link:
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