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Thread: No More Heroes 2 crashes after boss battle.

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    No More Heroes 2 crashes after boss battle.

    I'm running on 4.0 system menu, retail copy of the game, and I blocked updates via StartPatch. I haven't had any problems until now. I've played through three hours of the game, and RIGHT after I kill the giant robot boss (Letz Shake NMH1), the screen goes black and there is a loud buzzing sound. No buttons work, and I have to shut it down manually.

    I think it might be because it needs an IOS that I don't have, but I thought if that was the case, then the game wouldn't have loaded initially, right?

    I realize this may be a long shot because the game only came out today, but if any of you can help me out, I'd be grateful.

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    If it was due to an outdated IOS the game would likely have black screened when you tried to load it, not after already playing for a while. Some trackers took down one of the versions that were released claiming it was a bad dump: No idea if that's true or just user error, but if the crash happens the same way in the same spot every time, that might be the reason.
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    Yeah, I figured that's what would happen if it was an IOS issue. I can see why a bad dump would do this, but I have a retail copy of the game (I grabbed it from Gamestop earlier today), so I don't see what the problem could be... Maybe it switches what IOS it uses after a certain point?

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    Nevermind, I tried playing through the battle a fourth time for the hell of it, and everything worked. I guess maybe my Wii was overheating or something.

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    it sounds u've find the cause of interruption
    similiar problem was echoed by ISO players. they fixed it by reloading the game. fyi.

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    I've also just encountered the same error when fighting the space suit boss so it wasent ur wii over heating.

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    Hey, I got the crashes too, but it was hard to trigger fortunately. However, I have this little problem, when I'm fighting Pizza Batt Jr. I can't seem to kill him...I got him down to about 1/3 or 2/5's health, and it just doesn't go down any further. He's like invincible, I think then, he was supposed to go into his second form, but I can't finish this battle at all because of this debilitating glitch. I've been booting from a USB game channel, using ios 249, no codes, doesn't work, then I booted both from USBLGX channel, and HBC entry, and I still can't get him to his second form. I got the latest USBLGX, is it a bad dump? I'm playing the WIISOS dump, I put it on my drive with WBFS Manager 3.0.

    I got a 4.0u softmodded
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