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Thread: Drivekey yellow sticker $35/trades

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    Drivekey yellow sticker $35/trades

    It comes with a Y screwdriver, I opened my system up and discovered I had the new drive which is incompatible with it, save yourself some cash and shipping time and buy my new one. I didn't even take it out of the sealed static bag. I bought it from the OZMods place, before I realized Canada is probably quicker shipping.

    I'm easy going on payment types, will do paypal or cashiers check or personal check if you don't mind waiting.

    Will consider unique trades towards full or partial price, maybe a demonoid account or to that Nintendo community site I heard a little about. Also looking for an official GC controller that works with the Wii.

    so willing to wheel and deal to a point, I kind of screwed up and have written this one off so to say. I'd like to make someone else happy with it, and maybe recoup some of my cost.

    PM me and we can see what we can come up with.

    I pre-ordered a Wode, should be here within a week.


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    Us still available???

    please check your Pm inbox thanks

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    I would like to buy this I have Paypal

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    sold, thanks for the interest


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