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Thread: can i still softmod wii after Wiifit plus upgrade my wii automatically???

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    can i still softmod wii after Wiifit plus upgrade my wii automatically???

    I have a virgin 3.4U wii and never softmod before. Yesterday I bought a wiifit plus and insert the disc to play. And the wii just automatically upgrade from the disc (i think)... I did not find any change in the version so i really dunt kno what it upgraded...

    But today I am thinking to softmod my wii. But i am not so sure, with the automatically upgrading of the wii fit plus, can i still do it?

    I dont changing my wii into brick.

    Hope anyone can answer my question. Then I can go to the mod steps.

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    Well firstly bud, Wiifitplus didn't upgrade your wii automatically, you have to accept it.

    The answer is yes, you can softmod your wii even after the update, make sure you go for the tutorial that matches the version your wii is now at.

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    thats good!
    I really dunt remember I accept the upgrade.
    I just bought the secondhand wii. Maybe I was a bit excited and click "accept",lol

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    If it did not change your Sys Menu then it updated your IOS (which are required to play games on the wii)

    You say you are on 3.4U - - Use dogeggs guide in my signature and softmod that way..


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