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    I tried loading a Pal version of Scarface via usb on Neogamma loader rc1 with ios249rev17 installed on a NTSC Wii. When I didn't change any settings you could see the game but it was jumpy with color distortion, but when I changed even 1 video setting it would go to a green screen and stay there. I tried usbloader gx as well as wiiflow, and I also tried burning it to a disc. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Maybe you must change your video setting for your TV. And it is a possibility that your TV isn't compatible for a PAL game.

    Make sure you have the Neogamma settings to Force NTSC.

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    I dont think it's my tv settings because I can run several other games that are pal. Also I tried doing the force ntsc and thats what makes my screen go to a blank green color. Thanks for the quick reply tho.

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    I have that Exact same problem with my Scarface Pal game on a NTSC softmodded wii...Tried nearly every combination of possible settings and always either green screen or seizure inducing jumpiness. Help would be much appreciated.


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