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Thread: Play DVDs & Backups, etc on 4.2 (CIOS???)

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    Question Play DVDs & Backups, etc on 4.2 (CIOS???)

    I have been trying to avoid having to sign up to these forums as i was a member of WIISO and was currently receiving help from someone there - so i didnt want to much info and end up getting my wire crossed, however, as that site has gone down for some reason, i now need some help.

    I have a Wii with Version 4.2, and have (so far):
    * Used bannerbomb to install the Homebrew Channel
    * Used bannerbomb to install DVDX
    * Used bannerbomb to install Bootmii (as an IOS, couldnt do it as a BOOT2).
    * Used Bootmii to make a NAND backup of the Wii.

    Anyway, i would now like to use the Wii's DVD-ROM drive for things other than OFFICIAL NINTENDO WII games, such as, i would like to play DVD discs, play burnt "backed-up" games, etc. However, apparently i need to do/add a few extra things (i think it had something to do with a cIOS and Hermes something or rather???????)

    If anyone can offer me any direct advice, it would be appreciated.

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    if the wii can recognise DVDs other than its own, then you only need to run Mplayer CE with HBC, hiwever is your wii is brand new, you have a fair possibility of owning the new D3-2 drive, which wont read any other DVDs than wii ones.

    If you need to play backups, you need a cios, but the case is same as the above. you might to think about external loading then, either with an external DVD or a usb HDD

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    Ahh I see, well I have tried to use Mplayer to run DVDs and divx files, but I had no luck in any I'm not sure.

    The wii itself was bought late-ish last year, is there any way I can check if I have this D3-2 Drive?


    PS: if I do have a D3-2 drive how would I play backups? I can't fit the 4G files onto the 2 GB SD Card, will I have to use an external HD?

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    well you better try and full mod it to see if it will do, as Mplayer is a bit picky with its DVDs. If the wii was bought post-November lets say, you have a big possibility. If you do ahve the new drive, then either use an external DVD or a usb HDD

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    So to do that, which guide should i follow?

    Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! or Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!?


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    any would do... just skip what you did already

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    You can check the possibility of the D3-2 chip at the Wii Drive Chip Database

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    Hi i just checked my Nintendos serial number and it starts with the database it comes up with this page, any idea what it means?


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    It means there's no Drive Chip...

    You will have to use a USB Device to play Backups.

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    So you need a 'drive chip' in order to play NON-ORIGINAL discs?

    How about if i want to install WAD files, what do i need to do? (I wish someone could just give me a simple answer to this far, trying to get an answer is like having your teeth pulled out)

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