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Thread: Burning Wii games on a Mac

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    Burning Wii games on a Mac

    I want to burn CoD5 and CoD:MWR onto a DVD-R from my Mac. BUT. It's not as easy as I thought.

    Now. I downloaded CoD5 from... I forget where, and it appeared on my Mac as a .torrent and I couldn't open up (options when I clicked: cancel or choose application. what application do I use? I assumed some sort of .torrent decoder thingy. so,) I downloaded Vuze, which allows me to search on places like piratebay, and, I guess, convert the torrent file into something I can burn onto a DVD-R.

    I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct. It's taking so long to "convert" because my connection is so slow, downloading roughly 15.0 kB/s, and the file is 4.37 GB big. I don't want to wait the estimated 3 days and then be disappointed.

    Tell me if what I'm doing is wrong, and also maybe where I can find something else with a faster procedure than this. And I'm not a pro at hackz0r jargon, so... I guess, what I'm asking you guys to do for me, is explain everything to me as if I was 4 year old.

    (Details: My Wii does not have one of those mod chip things, but I got Homebrew yesterday, if that counts for anything (no, I wouldn't know). I'm unfamiliar with most of its capabilities (as of yet).

    If someone already posted something similar, I apologize. Please link me there.

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    There's an entire guide on setting up and using bittorrent clients in the Tutorials section, or the torrents section, one of the two that you should look for and read.

    Short version: You download a .torrent file and import it into your bittorrent client, it tells your client where to get the info from and it starts downloading, once it finishes you extract all the .rar files into a single .iso file using WinRAR or equivalent, then burn the disc (4x suggested). (If you didn't understand this, look for the bittorrent guide)

    As for your speeds, that's not uncommon on public trackers like TPB.

    There are other sites/ways of downloading game isos - If you want some examples type something like "sites for downloading" into the search bar. Either way, you'll probably get a number of people with all kinds of suggestions soon enough.
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