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Thread: Please Can someone help me

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    Question Please Can someone help me

    i am trying to find a mod chip that is usb or sd card i want the mod chip to be removeavble that is the only reason and i am not to good at take stuff apart if there is something like what i am talking about

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    no I dont believe there is anything like that

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    send your wii to us and we can fit it with a solderless chip and you're all set.

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    well if ur wii is old and u got a wiikey installed, there is a new wiikey switch that u can make so u can turn it on and off.
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    Check my install pictures.. see what you think..
    And check out my feedbacks around the net..
    Due to forum rules cant tell you where.. but im sure u can find me out there..
    Im in Orlando.. so if you feel confortable you can ship it to me..
    i'll have it done the same day & ship it out the same evening..


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