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Thread: New to modding.. need help

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    New to modding.. need help

    Hello all, I am new to (Wii) modding and I have browsed and browsed topics trying to get all this stuff figured out over the past few days.

    Here's what I have:

    I just recently installed the solderless wiikey II and have upgraded it to the latest version, v1.3. I have installed bootmii, the homebrew channel, and the latest version of Gecko OS. I have a NTSC Wii with the 4.2 menu.

    Here is the problem: half of the games I download I cannot get to work. A few of them will load up and play fine in the wii system menu (Mario Kart Wii, for instance). Other games I can get gecko to load, but when they do, my screen literally flips out and it's flashing rapidly as if you're trying to watch a bad VHS tape. I cannot find any help for this issue. I've tried burning at the slowest speed, but my DVD burner will only go down to 6x. I've tried this on DVD+r and DVD-r discs. As for the new Super Mario Bros Wii, I cant even get my system to recognize it, period.

    Is there something I am not doing right? Thank you.

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    Are you making sure to only download NTSC games or to patch the PAL ones?
    If the games are flipping very fast, they are probably the wrong format.
    PAL (European) and NTSC (North American) run at different speeds (hertz) which means if you put the wrong one in, it will not be in-synch.

    You can either find NTSC versions of the games (Most torrent sites and such list whether the game is NTSC or PAL in the title) or you can patch them. A quick search on the forum should reveal some options for that.


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