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Thread: logitic mic not working on 4.1e hb foe we sing

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    logitic mic not working on 4.1e hb foe we sing

    hi there i have softmodded wii with gamma 8 beta 3 and cios 14 4.1e system games all load fine . but all games which need mic like guitar hero on tour and we sing etc are not recognizing that it is connected but if i put an original game in the wii system it picks it up and works fine.
    it did work when the system had cios 7 and when i used the hb booter on 3.4e anyone come across this i think i mite have to downgrade hope i dont can anyone help thanks

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    You might try upgrading neogamma to R8RC1. If that doesn't work you could upgrade your cios to rev 17. I've heard some people say that they have had success getting microphones to work with hermes cios 222/223 if wanin's won't. However neogamma doesn't support anything but wanin's cios. Maybe you could try hermes cios with another loader.

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    look in my signature on how to install IOS222.

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    i downloaded R8RC1 still didnt work then i downgraded cios to cios 7 then used R8RC1 to load games we sing works and so did nsmb thanks for the help cheers

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    I think I have a similar problem. I was on 4.1e and upgraded to 4.2e safely using a guide on this site.

    I am using USB Loader GX and although it recognises a single mic with wii sing, when I connect a hub so that 2 mics can be connected, it ignores it altogether and requestsconnection of mics/

    I've tried a lot of the guides relating to rockband instruments but they won't work (IOS 222,223 etc.)

    Do you think this is the same issue as the rockband instruments not working?
    Also, any recommendations of a guide that might work for me?.

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    have u tried loading a disc copy instesd of using usb hd and use the mics in a seperate port without the hub, try this u mite find it does not recognise the hub.

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    I guess I could try that. I have jsut gotten so used to never having to go near the wii itself. It's so handy having games and movies on the HD together


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