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Thread: Wii Classic Controller Pro Coming To U.S.

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    Wii Classic Controller Pro Coming To U.S.

    "Monster Hunter Tri" may be ditching friend codes on the Wii, but it will be gaining new controller in North America. The game, which hits the U.S. in April, will come bundled with a black beauty previously only available in Japan called the Classic Controller Pro.

    "'Monster Hunter Tri' has made a huge splash in the Japanese market, and we’re confident the bundle with the Classic Controller Pro will give fans in North America plenty to get excited about," Nintendo of America’s vice president of licensing Steve Singer said in a press release. "Gamers of all kinds enjoy playing games on Wii. 'Monster Hunter Tri' delivers an incredible new experience on Wii, while the Classic Controller Pro gives players even more control options for their favorite Wii games."

    Capcom's press release said the controller will be compatible with "more than 450 Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console games," and though it will also be sold separately in both black and white editions, purchasing the bundle effectively knocks $10 off of its price.

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