i was just wondering as i have a pal wii on 4.1e and done quite a few mods to it ive got bootmii as boot2 and preloader installed ios38 rev17 wiiflow etc ..all works fine but after launching any title deleter i find under system menu channels i have multiple instances of a few of the channels and some are ending in A which i beleive to be usa is this correct? i think it has something to do with a ios61 shop update i did ages ago but after doing it found out it was only meant to be installed on ntsc console ...that was way back when i was on 3.2e but since used pimp my wii to get to 4.1e ..i was just wondering as obviously updating my wii to 4.1e installed the newer pal sys menu channels but not deleted the old ones? to cut a long story short.(too late i know) can i just delete the channels ending in A and which ones on the pal are the newer ones....or should i just delete them all and then install new shop and photo channels using wiiscu...and also if this is the case which version do i use as i beleive one of them installs a stub ios60 so could mess me up being as im on 4.1e....any help thanks[/B]