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Thread: USB Loader GX HDD Question

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    USB Loader GX HDD Question

    I am modding a Wii that's disc drive will no longer spin. I am wanting to unplug my HDD from my modded Wii and plug it into the Wii I am working on to see if my Mod was completely successfull. Is it ok to switch HDD's back and forth? I know I will have to download covers and such but I just wanted to make sure it would not change any setting before I did it.


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    Yeah switching from one wii to another is fine.
    My hd is a 1tb and half is wbfs and half is nfts, I have an extension cable running from back of hd which is situated at my pc to back of wii, when I want to use wii I just unplugd from pc and plug it into the extension lead. Sorted.

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    i am having trouble with my usb extension .. the wii won't read my drive when it is plugged in the extension, but otherwise it will. Is there a specific extension cable that works??? what one do yo have wiimaster4eva

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    Not all USB leads are created equal. Some will be sucky USB 1.1 and won't carry the faster USB2 signal very well.

    Buy a decent quality lead, one that at least says it is USB2
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    have any recommendations???


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